The whole forest comes alive around this one “special” tree.

There is never any query that Earth has always been a giving planet. Everything people and animals need to live on, and thrive, are provided by nature in abundance. If you have ever visited a lush forest or the countryside, then you probably know the wonder of what we call the “nature”. Being surrounded by trees and animals in their native habitat will always give us a magical feeling. That feeling is very special as it’s something so different and much relaxing than the bustling cities with concrete jungles which we live in.

Either way, you cannot see the nature in its full glory by just merely walking into the forest. Animals are smart, and they understand the destructive nature of humans and tend to stay away from us. If you really need to see what nature has in store to offer, all you have to do is, hide, stay patient and let nature show herself in her own time.

It is obvious that the man who took this video understands that rule very well.

If you watched the above video from “Ebaum’s World” you will see that this specific wildlife filmmaker has set up a camera positioning a very special tree, and left it for an entire year. What a task! Just imagine watching a yearlong footage and editing it down into two minutes. When you consider the outcome, it was a very worthy effort.

The video summarises four magical seasons in just 3 minutes. If you watched the video and felt mesmerized, do not forget to share with your friends, then they also can see the magic too.