We all do ridiculous things sometimes to make a memory. a couple of months ago photos and memes of an event known “Storm Area 51” went viral. While most people had a giggle at the funny images related to the event shared, some had bigger plans than that. Plans that included “storming” Area 51 or at least bringing together all the people that shared similar sentiments.

A Dutch YouTuber and his friend were caught earlier this week, attempting to break into the government facility, and were subsequently jailed.

But that hasn’t stopped hundreds of others from gathering outside of Area 51, in the nearby towns of Rachel and Hiko, NV. As they gather, so too has the news media descended on the towns to report on their visitors and during the reporter was live on camera a guy decided to naruto run behind the reporter and it took the attention of the internet and most people excited about the move he made.

As the live reporter described the preparations for the festival near Area 51, a man did the infamous Naruto-run right past him

“Alienstock” festival planned to unite people from all over the world who had an urge to storm Area 51

Roberts cited issues such as security problems, sanitation, medical personnel, and insurance permits as the reasons for his withdrawal from “Alienstock”

One brave man led his fellow “soldiers” by example by showing off the infamous Naruto run

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