Khemjira Klongsanun is a marathon runner who lives in Thailand. She has participated in many marathons across the country. As usual, she participated in the Chombueng marathon in Western Thailand. Everything went well until 7th-milepost of the race. When she completed the 7th mile she noticed a small puppy who was shaking and was unable to cover from the blazing sun on one of the concrete on the side of the road. The runners passed this Bangkaew (Thai wolf dog) without caring about the poor fellow.

But Khemjira’s heart did not let this poor puppy to be left all alone on the road. She realized that this puppy will not survive to see another day, long enough due to the extremely hot temperature and it looked scared and hungry. She stopped near the puppy and kneeled down in front of him slowly took him to her arms. As it was not a residential area, Khemjira knew that the puppy was not a lost stray or an abandoned animal. She trained well for this marathon to perform well and come to a place. But she forgot all her ambitions because of this puppy.

She picked up the puppy from her hands and covered it from her towel. Then she continued to run the rest of the marathon. She continued running with the puppy who was cuddling in her arms and finished the race.

Marathon Runner Finds Abandoned Puppy

She did not make a place. But she was overjoyed. It was not the full stop of this story. Khemjira decided to adopt the puppy and named him Chombueng. The puppy was very lucky to be saved and to be adopted by a kind hearted person like Khemjira.

See the things that you can do when you open your heart and soul…!!! The world will be a better place….!!!

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