Albino animals are rare in this world. You might have seen general types of animals that you see everyday. But have you ever seen an albino whale? Meet the only albino humpack whale in the world; “Migaloo”.

You might think that the name given for the whale is a rather odd name. This name is from the native Aboriginal tongue which translates to “White fella” in English. This was tagged to this whale by Mr. Paul Forestell, the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Vice President.

Migaloo is one of the most amazing creatures that you will see on the face of Earth since it is the only one of its kind.More info & Photo courtesy: ScientificMindset


The Australian coasts are known locations for whale watching as thousands of them migrate around those areas every year. An estimated number of 35 000 whales are recorded to be migrating along the coasts of Australia as whale enthusiasts gather every year to witness this incredible feat.

Most of the whale watcher’s goals are to see Migaloo with their own eyes. It is obviously an once in a life time chance. Albinos are said to gain their appearance due to a gene mutation, but with these mutations, a number of health issues are commonly received.


Even though Migaloo is still around its 30s, it is expected that it might experience untimely health issues. So, the Ocean life conservatives, professionals and enthusiasts keep tabs on this beautiful creation of the nature to make sure it lives for the full 80 years of a regular Humpback whale. Please leave your ideas about Migaloo down in the comments section.

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