Here is one snowy-white Owl with blazing red eyes! This is not your regular white owl, the specialty of this bird is that it is an Albino Owl. It is a genetic condition that is present in this owl from its birth, which leaves this bird with extremely less or no melanin in its body.

Even though there are enough white owls in the world, there aren’t much albino owls out there. As you can see, the  glaring red eyes gives this bird a daring look. This is caused by the Albino effect as well, since the melanin levels drop almost to zero, their irises become so clear that they can see the blood vessels behind it, creating the reddish shade in its eyes. Although many other types of albino animals were reported, this is one of the rare reporting of an albino owl. Check out this snowy-white albino owl that has been trending on the cyber space below. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below as well!More info & Media courtesy: YOUTUBE/BLACK STAR HOUSSEM

#1. Check out the footage!

#2. It is truly amazing.

#3. The owl got marble red eyes since of its albinism.

#4. One of the rare albino-owl reportings.

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