A woman’s intelligence can help men in so many ways. Many men tend to believe that intelligent women are hard to deal with. Today, “Auxx me” will reveal something unexpected about the wonder of the female brain.

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New research shows that when a woman is intelligent, it can actually increase her partner’s life expectancy and free him from dementia.

The thing a boy is never told he needs to do if he wants to live a longer life — but what he should do — is marry an intelligent woman,”  Lawrence Whalley, emeritus professor of mental health in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Aberdeen said at a conference on dementia  in Oxford England

Wives who inspire their husbands to think — and challenge them with good conversation — help serve as a “buffer” against dementia by keeping their brains active, the mental health professor explained. “There is no better buffer than intelligence,” Whalley said.

The researchers at the University of Aberdeen examined the health of identical twins and determined that having an intelligence wife could help decrease the various degenerative diseases.

Furthermore, men that choose to marry intelligent women live longer and these men are also at a lower risk of developing multiple forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

This article shows that if a man who cares about the intelligence of his woman, it will help his physical and psychological health condition.

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