Milkshake is evidently a popular refreshment that never fails to refresh you. But this one is a rare pink pup with the same qualities as its name.

Milkshake, now 17 months old, is an Instagram celebrity with over 80K followers. This doggie beauty with baby blue eyes and rare pink fur and skin is very much adored by his Instagram fans, and some have even met him in person. Pink pugs have a whitish, translucent coat and usually lack all skin pigmentation as well, apart from the pale pink hue. That means they have no ‘mask’ and have pink ears and paws.


His owner, Maria, is a 33 years old marketing manager from London. She first posted some fun photos of him and people started asking more of this cute little pup.

Milkshake Is One Of Less Than 100 Pink Pugs In The World

She says that he is not an albino and that only his coloring is genetic. Due to this reason, Milkshake does not suffer from adverse effects of albinism such as sensitivity to direct sunlight, increased skin cancer risk, sight loss, and hearing loss.

Milkshake is affable but very spoiled. Playing, going to work meetings together and visiting the dog spa, are how they spend the day. He trains for dog shows with a trainer, dresses up for photoshoots and it won’t be long before he will be chosen for an advert or film.


More Info: Instagram

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