The US is one of the top countries which are highly affected by the coronavirus. Currently, the United States has passed 150,000 coronavirus deaths which is not good at all. In such a terrible situation, the way how some US citizens act raise concerns.

Wearing masks is really important nowadays because it has experimentally proven that they can reduce the spreading rate of this disease up to a considerable level. But now people are already fed up with wearing masks when going out. At the moment, most of the governments have recommended their citizens to wear the mask whenever they go out.

Illinois in the United States has the fifth largest GDP, the sixth largest population and the 25th largest area among all the states of the United States.

A private Facebook group called “Million Unmasked March” implemented a walk on July 25th at the Illinois State Capital Building in Springfield. They targeted millions of protesters. But only 250 people appeared.

million unmasked march
Image Source- PA images

Their main objective was to demand the rights of the Americans to get access to all the educational resources every day despite whether they wear a mask or not. And from this, they are hoping that the pressure on children due to all external factors, will reduce.

This demonstration popped up a day after the Governor of Illinois J. B. Pritzker endorsed four of the state’s counties on warning level due to the increment of the number of Covid-19 patients drastically and this was reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Also, governor Pritzker mentioned that, if someone is not wearing a mask in public, that person is endangering everyone around, and therefore the enemy is that person.

million unmasked march
Image Source- PA images
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