Volcanoes are very beautiful, yet very powerful and dangerous creations of nature. A French short film director Stéphane Ridard took his drone up in the sky to capture the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland which is reportedly erupted after 6,000 years!

This eruption was an amazing sight to see even though its molten lava that shoots and sprays about. Ice-Land is famous for its number of volcanoes and the number of active volcanoes. Recently, Ridard moved into Ice-Land recently and have been documenting the wonderful landscape of the country as soon as he arrived. Check out the mind-blowing footage of the volcano Fagradalsfjall below and share your thoughts in the comments section.More info & Photo courtesy: Stranded | Instagram | Vimeo

#1. Footage of the eruption.

#2. Volcano Fagradalsfjall.

#3. Ridard got his drone in the sky to capture these wonderful footage and photos.

#4. The landscape gets a Lava coating.

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