This is a wonderful story of a man named Tim Davidson. Tim currently leads a minimalist lifestyle on his own little island. After getting eviction notices in 2017, Tim had to look for houses to move out. Suddenly it hit him that buying a traditional house leads to owning a large empty space which will cost him in more maintenance and taxes.

So, Tim focused only on essentials. Afterwards, he found the perfect house he has been looking for, it was tiny and minimalist Caravan of 270 square-feet. Less space leads to less maintenance, which leads to less expenses, which leads to a minimalist and simple life. Tim paid $70,000 for his new house and name her Tiffany. Everyone, meet Tiffany!More info & Photo courtesy: tiffanythetinyhome





Tiffany is fully equipped and operational. Perfect for Tim to live in, but he had one issue with Tiffany. She could not withstand a hurricane incase they had to go through one. So Tim started to look for a solution and found a perfect one. He found a tiny island for sale in Florida, too small for anything but perfect for Tim.

He bought it for $200,000 and got himself a strong built, minimalist house for $90,000 which was 320 square-feet. This is an octagon shaped house which can withstand hurricanes as well. Tim spends his minimalist life happily on his island with two of his houses.

















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