Did you know that Mink lashes are equivalent to fur?

Yes, falsehoods and other items are done with violence.

Minks are smart animals that enjoy spending time on wildlife ad swimming. Yet in fur farms, they are held so tiny that they can be placed in degraded wire cages, which can take only a few steps in any management so that they can crush legs or tailpieces. They usually hurt from obvious injuries, diseases and accept negative veterinary concern. Fur growers utilize lower techniques of crime, including strangulation, poisoning, genital service, also suffocation.

PEAT’s inquires have frequently pointed out that Mink farms are produced to maximize profits, and the farmers there have often seen few or no concern for animal welfare. Thus all the animals on the Piper farm have been subjected to a lifetime of fear od depression, illness and physical suffering. And it will also be sold like Sephora eyelids to company.

 Animal Rights Alliance
The Mink animal found at Piper farm has been harsh

What we have to do?

Sephora operates the Piper variety and knows that their furry animals and alive and terrible. Leading beauty marks such as Urban Decay, Tarte, over Facade, IT Cosmetics and numbers of others are previously declining to sell fur. Please encourage the now infected animals by supporting Sephora to hurriedly abandon the fur amenities!

More Info: support.peta.org

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