Kids are special and they are somewhat pure and different from everyone. It is true that children are full of dreams and hopes, and that they believe these dreams can become true. Kids are innocent because they do not know the truth of life. However, As adults, we forget to apologize. However, for kids, if an action has affected a bad result, they merely apologize or more often than not own up to the mistake.

In that case, this little boy from Mizoram unintentionally ran over his neighbor chicken. The guilt-ridden boy took whatever money he had and rushed to a nearby hospital.

The picture which was shared in Facebook went viral among many too quickly. It is 50,000 shares. The boy’s appearance will exactly melt your heart.

If adults can make this kid as a good example, the world would be a much great place to live in.

Here’s how people reacted to the boy’s kind gesture:

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