Social media is a place full of amazing life adventures. It’s a place to find the best advice. These posts and videos go viral all around the world. A video that went viral recently was a TikTok video which shows how a mom responded to finding out that her 17 years old daughter has conceived.
Mom Reacted On TikTok To Her 17 Years-Old Daughter’s PregnancyNicole Hennessey, a 35 year-old mom posted this TikTok video. She shared how she tended to her daughter Angelina and how she and her husband helped her to select the right decision for her future. She did not get furious or even judged her daughter for being irresponsible. The video reached more than 14 million views and people all around the world are praising Nicole for her great parenting.

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Nicole knew her daughter, Angelina, needs her support at this time. So, she explained to her all the possible paths she could choose. That is either to abort, adopt or raise the child. When Angelina frequently changed her mind about what to do, both Nicole and her husband supported her and at the end, she finally chose to keep and raise the child.


This incredible mom described her daughter as a great artist. And also added that Angelina is a person who always makes others happy. She went on to say that after the pregnancy happened, she and Angelina got even closer. Before the incident, Angelina preferred hanging out with her friends most of the time but, now their mom-daughter relationship is much stronger.

Now Angelina is less than 2 months away from the delivery. Nicole, with the permission of her daughter, posted the video on her TikTok account to share how parents should act when their children need them the most.

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Nicole Hennessy


Nicole Hennessy


Nicole Hennessy
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