Though we are grown ups but for our parents still we are kids. With time it gets easy for both parties to get along but there are certain things that’s tough to agree with. Due to misunderstandings and not agreeing on this relationship can get damaged.More info & Photo courtesy: u/upsetmother12 |

#1. Parents take time to digest the fact that their children are grown

A mom who is a reddit user asks if her idea of telling her daughter who’s a grown up not to share the bed when they come to see the parents. Not only her but there are other parents who seek answers for this question on the internet.

#2. This mom asks whether she’s right about her decision from reddit users.

Surprisingly there are a lot of  comments about this about 4.5 thousand. That’s what  draws attention to this fact. She had said that her 25 year old daughter is already living with her boyfriend who’s 26 years old. As the mom and dad are of the opinion that they shouldn’t share a bed before marrying and they don’t allow the daughter to share the bed when they visit their family.


The mom had got disheartened  with the fact that she and her husband were the only ones agreeing with this and also with the fact that her daughter had decided to respect mom’s decision and not to visit them as much as parents wanted them to.


And many reddit users had commented that the mom is putting their relationship to danger. 


What many parents fear is the fact that children would become parents without planning but as the time runs the opinions about  becoming a mom or a dad as a teen also changes. Rather than say a big no to children as parents they should guide them and help the children to face the upcoming stages in life.

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