There are certain things which are unbelievable. Parents love their own child more than anything in this world, but Adam’s birth parents rejected to take him home after he was born. Parents were so cruel to say that they will poison their own child if doctors force them to take the baby. The main concern which they had was, they cannot live being shamed.

Unfortunately, he was born to this world without eyelids, nose, and hands. Apart from that, his legs were attached together. Adam’s parents thought that they only have two options, either to leave the child or kill him.

A married couple who were a doctor and a nurse treated Adam well. It was unbearable for them even if they are not Adam’s biological parents. So the nurse, Jessica held the baby boy in her arms.

Jessica and her husband Raja decided to adopt him after all odds. It was identified that Adam was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder call Bartsocas-Papas syndrome. This is a congenital genetic disorder resulting in severe deformity of the face and extremities characterized by webbing of the lower extremities in Babies.

However, this sympathetic couple took the baby and consulted a specialist where he can have several surgeries.

Cost for such surgeries is very high. However, something amazed happened because the community took a stand for this and raised $100,000 for the baby in a week. As a result of finding enough money, Adam is capable of closing his eyes and mouth for the first time.

“Is he going to be perfect? Yes, he’s already perfect. Is he going to be normal by the world’s standards? Never,” said Adam’s doctor, John van Aalst

Everything was successful thanks to Raja and Jessica and with the support of the community. Adam is so lucky to have such generous people in his life.

“Good people obtain pure joy not because they do great things but because they do small acts of kindness with great love and with caring heart…”

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