Our  relatives loving us is fine. They can hug or kiss us but only with our consent. That is something that Brittany Baxter, an Australian Mom tries to explain to the grandparents of her daughter. Brittany is also a Tik Tok Video creator and she has released a few videos where she tells that the grandparents of her daughter aren’t listening when she says no but hugs or kisses her.

She had put these boundaries in order to teach her child about consent and body autonomy. Many people have supported this idea of hers.More info & Media courtesy: brittanybaxter_x





Consent can be given in different ways, maybe completely direct or overt to less. And in order to gain consent certain conditions like knowledge, intention, competence, voluntariness and acceptability should be met. These were some points which were pointed out by The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.


The person whoever is being asked for the consent should know what they are giving their consent for, be it a check-up or a hug or a kiss.


The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy had written that in standard cases, a person’s consent to another person’s acts removes moral or legal objections or liability for the performance of those acts.



#9. Brittany had also explained in another video about dealing with the confrontations that could occur due to  such parenting.

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Nowadays many parents are raising their children along with the awareness of consenting things. That helps the child to choose but this could create problems in the family where there are people who are more into traditional ways of raising a child. They could understand this matter in a different way. Baxter had explained how important it is to not get into other’s opinions about raising your child even though they are their own family members.

#10. She had tackled her critics well in another video. 

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She had well tackled her critics and wondered whether they actually ask their children about the consent when their relatives hug or kiss the children. She had also said that her own parents and even her step-mom asked for her daughter’s consent but the issue is with the other grandparents. On Australian Tv she had said that a lot of people are very outraged which she understands, a lot of people have misunderstood the point of the message that she’s trying to get across. But a  lot of people have been in support of it as well and that’s what has been amazing.


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