Like other sensitive parents, Kristine Donovan noticed a small purple bug bite on her 5-year-old daughter Kailyn’ knee. She thought that it was just a regular bug bite. But it was much more dangerous than she thought.

Kailyn normally plays in the backyard of her house and Kristine realized that the bug bite was happened in there.

Kristine expressed her first thoughts to CBS Boston that “She never felt it bite her” and “It could have been in her jeans, in the location where it bit her. We just don’t know.”

Kailyn went to school next day but both parents sent her in doubtful mind.

5-year-old daughter Kailyn

After a couple of hours, Kristine received a call from the Principal of the school that Kailyn is suffering from fever and both parents did not think twice. They went to the school and took Kailyn to see a pediatrician. The doctor examined her and assumed that she should be taken to the hospital right away.

After the bite, the bitten area got black and worsen after a day.

Black Widow Spider Bite

The bite was from a black widow spider. This was confirmed by the Infectious Disease Specialists at UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA.

Normally, After a bite of a black widow, in the bitten area the flesh normally killed from the venom. That was the reason why Kailyn’s bruise got black.

Because the bug bite was identified by the doctors, Kailyn received proper treatment and she is only walking with a limp.

WCVB news abc

Kristine and Josh, Kailyn’s parents, have now teamed up together and started a campaign to spread the word about the black widow spider. They do not want anything to happen something like this again to their daughter or to some other child. Both parents urge you to “trust your gut” if you spot a bite or a bruise on your child and if get worsens, always think that something that is dangerous is on the way.

The Mayo clinic is advising everyone that if you find an unknown bite or a bruise on your child’s body and if it turns worse, to seek medical attention immediately. The normal initial effects of a black widow spider bite are the pain in the bitten area, cramping, stiffness and sweating continuously. The best way is to take your child to the nearest child specialist if you are doubtful whether the bite occurred due to a poisonous spider bite.

Black Widow Spider

Please see the below video and do not forget to spread the word to make awareness of black widow bites! Do not also forget to leave a comment in the below section.

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