Over the past two decades, bee declines worldwide have drawn international attention. Managed honey bee colonies decreased by 25% over 20 years in Europe and 59% over 58 years in North America, and many bumblebee populations in Europe and North America have gone locally extinct, resulting in dramatic range contractions. New studies blame that a combination of factors for the mysterious and dramatic loss of honeybees, including increased use of pesticides, climate changes, an overall reduction in their natural habitats. However, they are people who love nature truly, so they can’t just keep quiet and they are fighting for bees and trying to bring them in every way possible. The best example is actor Morgan Freeman.

We need to respect the way our beloved actor is trying to protect the bees, and here’s how he’s doing it.

Morgan Freeman is trying to stop the reduction of the bee population by changing his Mississippi ranch into a bee paradise.

Morgan Freeman and bees
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Morgan Freeman first got absorbed in beekeeping back in 2014 when he took it up as a hobby, as a result of a mass bee die-off that occurred in the US. Since then Morgan has imported more than 26 bee hives from Arkansas to his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi, which has turned into a paradise for bees with clover, magnolia trees, and lavender in bloom.

bee hive
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He has linked with the global movement in support of bee protection, and he continues to spread awareness among people how significant it is to keep bees alive. “There is an intensive effort for bringing bees back onto the planet… We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation,” said Freeman in one of his interviews.

Morgan Freeman
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Why is it so important to help bees survive?

It is estimated that Wild and domestic honeybees perform about 80% of the pollination in the world. So, one bee colony can pollinate about 300 million flowers a day. Bees pollinate a majority of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we are eating, and without these unbelievable insects, humans as a species will be put on the verge of extinction. Use of chemicals, climate change, and the reduction of the bees’ natural habitat is causing the reduction in their population, therefore, it is the best time to act in order to reduce losing bees.

Each of us can do our part to save these precious insects.

Saving the bees is a big job- but taking action is easy. By starting in your own community, you can help make our world a healthier place for bees. Common sense actions can restore and protect the world’s bees. By Ban, the seven most dangerous pesticides, Protect pollinator health by preserving wild habitat, Restore ecological agriculture. Plant a wide variety of flowering plants in your garden. This gives you some good ideas on how to save bees. We look forward to seeing all of you be a big part of the solution, an advocate of the bees, and maybe a BEE-SAFE partner.

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