Whether it’s the end of the week, a day off, or simply an ordinary Wednesday night, you really feel like binge-watching something. Where to start? Fret not — we are here to help. Below, you will find the best Netflix originals to binge-watch this weekend, organized by us, TV-obsessives. The list covers a heap of genres, lengths, and a lot more. However, they all share one thing in common that is they are all largely incredible.

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One of us is lying

Most Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows For 2022

Even though One of Us is Lying premiered on Peacock in 2021, it has the potential to become your next television obsession. One of Us is Lying is like a cross between Gossip Girl and Cruel Summer if you like those two programs. The series follows five high school teenagers who walk into detention — and only four make it out alive — and is based on Karen M. McManus’s #1 New York Times best-selling novel. That student also happens to manage an anonymous gossip site where kids at Bayridge High air their secrets, raising the stakes even higher because everyone is a suspect with something to hide.

Midnight Mass

Most Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows For 2022

Mike Flanagan appears to have done another masterpiece once again, this time with Midnight Mass, a job that the director portrays as his generally close to heart and something ongoing for the past few years. He’s presumably created the nearest thing to a unique artful culmination.

Like his past transformations of Bly Manor and Hill House, there are a lot of beasts to give trepidations, yet comparably, there’s the same amount of passionate disaster enveloped with the human story, also characters who can be just about as unnerving as an apparition or as threatening as a vampire. This series is bound to cause you to sob than wheeze, yet that doesn’t lessen its effect — or its backbone, on Netflix as well as in the chronicles of loathsomeness narrating.

Crash Landing on You

Most Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows For 2022

It’s an old story: a rich South Korean businesswoman and beneficiary goes paragliding and crashes in the North Korean part of the DMZ, where she in the long run meets a North Korean armed force leader. Rather than handing her over, he decides to help her sequestered from everything and assuming you’ve at any point watched sentiment TV, you know where this is going. During the COVID closure, a ton of Netflix fans found this K-show since a few of us truly need to track with not only one of the best heartfelt K-dramatizations out there, yet in addition quite possibly the most epic love tale you’ll at any point see on TV.


Most Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows For 2022

The topic of Badgley’s next TV endeavor was clearly buzzing around after his very memorable curtain call on Gossip Girl — but due to getting cast as the psychopathic protagonist in You, he may have finally discovered his real calling (not to mention cornered the market on a rather pleasing talent at voiceovers).

Badgley has to thread the line between obsession and seduction as Joe Goldberg, with the audience privy to every single one of his most private thoughts about his newest love infatuation, no matter how distressing they are. You gained fresh life on Netflix after a brief run on Lifetime, where it has remained ever since and is one of the streamer’s most popular shows; it was extended for a fourth season before the third even aired this year.


Most Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows For 2022

On the off chance that you are a fan of melancholy British homicide shows, there will never be a terrible opportunity to either find or re-watch Broadchurch, one of the 21st century’s dispassionate goals of the class. It features a cast that was viewed as incredible at the point, presently astonished with star power.

The initial season investigates a youngster’s strange demise, which figures out how to embroil everybody living in this little seaside British town as large privileged insights get found, all structure up to a stunning disclosure. Later on, seasons follow the outcome of the examination, which aren’t exactly as holding, however that first season is a breaking and convincing to watch — something that stays on.

Money Heist

Most Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows For 2022

What started as a Spanish TV creation has become one of the planet’s greatest series, thanks to Netflix — and because of its unbelievably convincing story of an all-around prepared gathering of a team that attempts a really brassy heist with the entire nation watching. Initially named La Casa de Papel, Money Heist is loaded with invigorating interest and hot turns, with a strong cast of neighborhood entertainers who appear to be bound for worldwide fame. Season 5, which was delivered in two sections throughout fall 2021, highlights our dearest red-jumpsuit-ed saints fighting a battle for their lives. Ideally, a glad closure in the end.


Most Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows For 2022

The most noteworthy thing about Lucifer, which started as an otherworldly procedural on Fox before Netflix resuscitated it for what ended up being three extra seasons. It is the show that has figured out a way to foster an enthusiastic fan base who truly cherishes the nominal wrongdoing of tackling demons and their companions. The recently delivered Season 6 authoritatively wraps the story up, yet not before furnishing said fan base with a lot of answers and some wild imaginative swings, including some degree enlivened scene and a scene which uncovers exactly how Lucifer (Tom Ellis) sees the people who encompass him. Assuming that you’ve never watched, prepare to partake in the binge-watch — and in case you’re as of now a fan, prepare to cry a couple of tears.


Most Binge-Worthy Netflix TV Shows For 2022

No matter what time of the day it is, you feel the need to binge-watch some high-quality drama, excitement, mystery, intrigue, or humor on NETFLIX. If you haven’t seen any of the aforementioned shows yet, they should be at the top of your watch list to meet your expectations.

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