We always think that we already know everything there’s to know. But, God and nature always find a way to prove us wrong. And that’s what happened in Mike’s life.

One night, Mike went outside near some reeds along the Saskatchewan riverbank close to his home in Saskatoon. And he was sitting there with his camera. Some time passed by and suddenly he saw an unusual thing – a huge group of little baby goslings with a mother goose. He didn’t want to miss capturing that on his camera. He wanted to share what he saw with the world. And then he did his social media thing by uploading it with a nice caption on Facebook.

Information Source: Michael Digout

He got amazed by that incident and couldn’t forget it. So he went again to the same spot, hoping to see them again. The first day Mike spotted this cute family, the mother goose was looking after sixteen little baby goslings. And then he started to notice that every time he came, there were more and more little goslings hanging out around the mother goose!

One time there were 25 of them. On another day there were 30 and then one evening he finally counted 47 baby goslings walking around with the mother goose. That’s when he realized that this supermom goose wasn’t taking care of her own babies—she was actually looking after goslings from many families. In fact, this phenomenon is called gang brood.

He never missed a single day to see them and capture them in his camera. Nature always finds ways to show us miracles and never misses teaching us lessons through that!!

47 Cute Goslings!


Mama Goose Makes Her Babies Feel Comfortable 

Nature never ceases to surprise us with rare incidents, sometimes in the most adorable ways too!

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