The UK is an island landmass surrounded by sea. Japanese people must understand that the UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The kingdom is known to be one of the most ideal international moving destinations from Japan as a number of Japanese people are interested in learning English and also they hear so much about the UK. Moving to the UK is a goal shared not only by Japanese people but also by many people from around the world as well. That’s because of the easy lifestyle, culture, and flourishing economy of this country. The UK has a rich history which also attracts tourists from Japan and the rest of the world. Once these tourists visit this beautiful country, they cannot help but aim to relocate there. The entire UK is full of museums filled with historical artifacts, sports stadiums, and even old castles. While the reasons to move to the UK are several, below we have listed the top three of them.

Why You Should Move to the U.K.

  1. Free Healthcare. The best part about moving to the UK is the state-mandated free healthcare that anyone living permanently in the UK can enjoy. The National Health Service of the UK provides completely free healthcare. You’ll be free from the expenses of medical care forever! This is something many Japanese people are surprised to know.
  2. Quality Education. Expect high-quality education if you plan to move to the UK from Japan for studying. The country has had a gold standard of education for decades. The Cambridge and Oxford Universities are a good example of such academic institutes.
  3. The Places. As we mentioned above, the UK is known for its rich history. Almost every street of the country has an ounce of a historical event that happened in it. Visitors come from all over the world to see the UK’s museums, sports events, natural beauty, etc.

Shipping Your Belongings

If you are planning on moving from Japan to the UK, have you consider how you are going to ship your personal belongings to your new place? Your two options are air freight or ocean freight. No matter where in Japan you’re moving from, you must ensure that your belongings reach you safely in the UK. Price and safety are the two biggest factors you need to keep in mind when sending your goods internationally. The first option you have for sending your goods is airfreight. Airfreight is often the most expensive but fastest way to get your stuff relocated overseas. It is the optimal choice if you want to move ASAP or your belongings are in small quantity. Since heavy or bulky items such as beds or sofas can cost you a fortune to ship as airfreight. The other shipping option you have is ocean freight. This procedure is often much cheaper if compared to airfreight but you must understand that it takes a lot of time. Shipping can take months and you’ll have to wait for your shipment to arrive that long. But this method is the most cost-effective and commonly preferred by most people who are moving internationally as they normally ship a large number of packages when relocating abroad.

Moving To The UK From Japan


While moving to the UK from Japan is undoubtedly a great idea, we would advise our readers to go through certain factors before making the big move. The primary language of the UK is English. While most Japanese people would have a bit of trouble understanding the UK accent, with time they would adjust. The lifestyle of the UK is amazing but nonetheless, the country has its cons just like any other moving destination in the world. Before you decide on relocating to the UK from Japan, make sure you do your research while you are still in Japan. The daily living costs can be about the same as in Japan but they can be more in the UK when compared with other European countries. If you think you can handle these finances, then go for it. If not, reconsider your decision.

The UK is a great country which offers you great advantages that would make you want to move there. The country is filled with natural beauty and amazing sites that are worth going to. Not to mention the welcoming people of the UK that would happily accept you as their own!

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