A recent flight to London had a pretty uneventful landing, at the Gatwick Airport, but for people watching this surprise landing, it was a shocking sight as it came down to the tarmac through the fog.

On July 23rd, Emirates Airbus A380 arrived in style as it traveled from Dubai to Gatwick Airport. No one was used to seeing a plane come out of nowhere before. That is because the plane had to fly through a low cloud cover which basically swallowed it up before approaching the tarmac.

An Emirates A380 landing through a bed of low clouds. 

The video, which was posted on Emirates’ official Twitter account on Wednesday, said: “Now that’s how you make a grand entrance”.

The ten-second online video has gathered over 50,000 views in 12 hours and shows how the A380 landed on the runway while other smaller planes waited nearby.

Some commentators to the post have called it “Grand,” “Beautiful,” and “Awesome.” One user even said “Castle in the sky. Emirates makes a regal touch-down.”

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