Contact lenses have gained sophistication all these years. Although these lenses have helped thousands of users correct incorrect visions, you continue to hear certain myths about them! Well, these are mere misconceptions, that prevent users to go for contact lenses. Whether your prescription recommends proclear contact lenses or any other type of lens, make sure not to fall for these myths.

In this post, you will get to know some of these misconceptions. Maybe, one of these has been holding you back from enjoying the multiplicity of benefits that contact lenses provide.

Myths About Contact Lenses

Common myths about contact lenses

Now, you will get to know why these common beliefs about contact lenses aren’t true.

Contact lenses can get behind your eye

No. Physically, contact lenses cannot even get behind your eye. So, you need not worry about these thin lenses getting lost inside your eye. There is a thin membrane covering the external part of your eye. This layer remains connected to your eyelids and prevents the lens from getting behind your eye.

Even if the contact lens slips from its position, you can get it back to place by blinking for few times forcefully. It will never fall out or get behind your eyeball.

Young or old people cannot wear contact lenses

Remember, the reputed companies design contact lenses even for children. People aged above eight can safely put on contact lenses. If your child is mature and responsible enough you can purchase quality contact lenses for him or her. Again, older people might find it difficult to manage reading glasses. They, too, can wear contact lenses for greater convenience.

You might feel uncomfortable with contact lenses

Of course, you might be worried about your comfort when you put on contact lenses. Modern lenses developed by reputed brands are absolutely comfortable. You can put them on all the day without facing any glitches.

When you start wearing contact lenses, you might get a strange feeling. However, you would quickly get used to it. In case you have issues like dry eyes, make sure to keep the eyes hydrated. This implies that your lenses would not cause any kind of irritation to them.

It’s difficult to maintain and clean contact lenses

Branded contact lenses are easy to clean and maintain. You can simply store them in the multi-use solution. Again, when you purchase daily use lenses, you can simply do away with them after a single-use. This eliminates the issue of storing them after cleaning. Even if you go for monthly lenses, the cleaning and storing processes are simple.

Wearing contact lenses can cause eye diseases

No. You won’t contaminate any sort of eye disease on wearing contact lenses. However, if you don’t clean the lenses, it might lead to infections in your eyes. However, as long as you keep the lenses clean, there would be no risk of infection or eye diseases.

Well, now you know how safe contact lenses are for your eyes! If you are willing to purchase contact lenses Australia, visit the online portals of one of the reputed brands and make the purchase. A reputed company would offer quality lenses that won’t affect your eyes. Moreover, you would like to get the contact lenses customized as per your preferences.

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