There are probably more myths attached to betting games than any other activity. That’s because where money and games are involved, people can get a little carried away. There is a lot of information being shared about all of your favorite betting games. While some of it is true, there’s still a lot of myths you should be aware of.

People tend to get very superstitious about methods and beliefs that contribute to their odds of winning. This is where logic tends to go out of the window and things can get a bit silly.

A recent interview with casino employees revealed all of the craziest things they have seen players do and the revelations may totally shock you.

We rounded up the most common misconceptions about gambling. Keep reading for more!

Myth #1 – If You Keep Playing the Same Game, You’re Bound to Win Eventually

This is one of the biggest gambler’s fallacies ever, which is the concept that the results of every hand or spin are somehow connected to previous ones.

The truth is that this is not possible, since all games at legitimate casinos must produce random results every time. According to the expert reviewers at, Random Number Generators are the method that casinos use to ensure fair results. They protect both the casino and the players.

Think about it this way, would you prefer that games gave out their jackpots eventually to people who can afford to play them endlessly? Of course not, that wouldn’t be fair at all.

Part of the thrill of playing betting games is that you never know when you could win the prize. Anything less, wouldn’t be satisfying.

Myths About Gambling

Myth #2 – Even Psychics Can’t Tell When They Will Win

As mentioned above, all betting game results are completely random. Therefore, there is no such thing as being able to use your psychic abilities to win. Games do not give out any cues or produce results “close” to winning combos before delivering the jackpot.

Although there have been many people in the past that thought they could figure out the casinos. None have been relatively close, and all winnings are purely coincidental.

Myth #3 – Casino Games Are Rigged

Many people truly believe that casino games are rigged and it’s impossible to win more than you lose. However, the casino industry is a billion-dollar business, which wouldn’t exist if there was no give and take. Casinos simply need to provide value to players if they want to stay open.

While casinos do put certain rules in place to generate a profit, not everyone who plays will lose. If you choose the right games and bet wisely, you can outsmart the casino and end up as one of the winners rather than losing money.

Myths About Gambling

It makes sense when you think about it that casinos can’t possibly be thieves, although they will still come out with a profit. In fact, many smart players end up winners once they perfect their skills at certain games.

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