The Nazi Germany or the German Reich was from 1933 to 1945 is not a time that can be remembered with a smile. The dictatorship which considered the German ‘race’ to be the ‘purest’ in the world did not end up in any favorable manner to the rest of the races, especially the Jews.

One of the most horrible things from this period is the concentration camps set up for forced labor, detention of enemies, and the worse – for mass murder. And believe it or not, there have been more than 44,000 such camps where people had to undergo immense torture. There’s so much that people went through during this period that there’s an entire literature dedicated to it.

The Nazi Germany made headlines again as a former Nazi concentration camp guard was recently convicted in Germany.

Bruno Dey, 93, was a former SS private from August 1944 to April 1945. He served in the Stutthof concentration camp in Poland. And after seventy long years since his serving period, he has been convicted of 5,323 counts of accessory to murder by the Hamburg state court in Germany. He was only in his teens when he committed these crimes, 17 and 18 to be exact.

However, the jury decided to give Dey a two-year suspended sentence.

Former Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Convicted

Dey revealed to the people present at the courts that during his whole life, the horror and the misery of the people who were tortured in the camps haunted him and that he heard the screams of those people.

Former Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Convicted

Moreover, he stated that he was “forced to do it, it was an order.”

Ben Cohen is another individual whose grandmother Judy Meisel happened to be a former camp prisoner.

Former Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Convicted

The immensity of the injustice that the victims had to go through can never be undone, now. What we as humans can make sure to be careful now is to never let anything of the like happen ever again.

Watch the video below

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