Wallabies, a kind of animal very similar to Kangaroos which are native to countries like the UK, New Zealand and some are also found in the Isle of Man. They eat grass, barks, leaves, fruits and twigs. And 5 years is  their average age. 

The Detroit Zoo where there are Eloise and Sprocket and Mac who are 2 females and 1 male red-necked wallabies respectively  now has become the residence to a new baby wallaby. Eloise had given birth to a joey in the month of October 2020, and the baby had recently appeared in public. The wallabies have reddish-brown or grey coats.More info & Photo courtesy:  Detroit Zoo


The baby wallaby had been born at the Australian Outback Adventure enclosure. And it is said that the total number of red kangaroos is thirteen including the new member and two other wallabies. Also that the new baby was the first wallaby to be born at the zoo for the past eleven years. It is said that the gender is not known as still he’s not fully seen.



The curator of mammals had said that the mother of the joey is safeguarding the baby well as it’s her first baby. That the fur of the wallaby’s do not grow till 6 months. And it’s been 6 months since the new baby was born and now they see him more. The baby wallabies  hurry into their mom’s pouch as soon as they are born. Also the baby needs some developments before he becomes independent.


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