Oceans are being polluted at a rapid rate and experts are working so hard to find ways to minimize and then put an end to ocean pollution. This is a truly innovative idea by Lenka Petráková, she has come up with a concept of a floating object which she calls the 8th continent.

This is a pretty big station with a wide range of activities going onboard. Its main operation which makes this station quite remarkable, is that is cleans up the oceans as it floats among them. It is separated and it operates in unison to make it a floating vessel where people can live on, as well as serve its purpose towards tackling down pollution. It is built to resolve one of the greatest issues of our time.More info & Photo courtesy: Lenka Petráková | The Jacques Rougerie Database

Zaha Hadid Architects, London, was the place where Petráková started out to design her concept. She was focused to develop this station with seperate hubs to collect ocean waste, to sort, research and development, energy harvesting from the waves, agricultural area and also an area where people live.

#1. The 8th Continent concept.

#2. It can shift and move in oceans as it feeds off waves and solar energy for power.

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