Flowers are widely popular and have a variety of uses. Millions of varieties of flowers have interesting features that are unique to them. One such variety is monkey orchids, and they possess the exact face of a monkey!

Relative to other varieties of flowers, orchids are more popular and widely grown with over 30,000 individual varieties. There’s a wide range of orchids to select from, and these monkey-faced ones definitely stand out from the rest.


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This orchid resembles the face of a monkey thanks to its low-hanging petals and stamen. Also called Orchid Simia or Dracula Simia, these extraordinary flowers are ideal for both flower and animal lovers. Monkey orchids were named by Carlyle A. Lueren, a botanist, in 1978. These flowers are most commonly found in South America.


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There are around 118 varieties of this flower found between Mexico, Central America, Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador. They prefer an environment of about 2,000 feet above sea level with high humidity to grow well, and they grow up to two feet in height.


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Monkey orchids smell like fresh oranges. Though it can be difficult to grow these at home due to their specific requirements, these flowers can usually grow in both cold and warm kinds of weather, and they also bloom throughout the year.


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When growing these flowers at home, it’s very important to keep the soil moist at all times. Mulch with 2-4 inch thickness can minimize water evaporation in warmer regions. Also, the faded blossoms should be picked off to encourage a fresh flush of flowers.

Watch the video below to learn more about growing and maintaining these flowers.

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