As everybody knows, Nirvana is one of the most popular and successful bands of all time. With the undying love for music, their music is still on popular playlists and even now, Nirvana collects new fans to itself.

One of their greatest albums of all time was ‘Nevermind’, released in the classic grunge era of 1991, it took the world by storm when it got out. As everyone remembers, even a non-Nirvana fan could identify their photos on their album cover. It was a picture of a baby boy, bobbing and floating in the water as he reaches out to a dollar bill attached to a string. Scroll down to read the modern-day incident based on this album cover photo.More info & Photo courtesy: John ChappelFacebook


John Chappel


John Chappel

This album which is ranked the third of The Best Album Covers of All Time in the ‘Rolling Stone’s Readers’ Poll, is quite iconic. The subject of this album cover photo was Spencer Elden. He is now a full-grown man. Elden recently recreated his iconic pose made 25 years ago with John Chappel who captured him doing the same underwater poses.

Even though he wears swimwear to get in the pool now, he is the same kid, grown-up 25 years later. He remembers the album as everyone else, he has the name ‘Nevermind’ Tattooed in his chest. This brings back memories of a lot of music fans. Also, the payment for this photoshoot went straight to Spencer, not his parents.

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John Chappel


John Chappel


John Chappel
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