Giving birth is not easy but is the best thing in the whole world. Giving life to someone and holding them forever is the best one can have. When it comes to pregnancy you get stretch marks and they even get permanent, and your belly might not be the same as before. The most common thing that moms who give birth through C-section have is scars.

You know that everyone’s bodies and emotions aren’t the same, so similarly the scars do differ from person to person. You can take those scars as a reminder to remind you of the strength and courage you had while bringing your child to this world. It’s not a failure mark that you have it your success of bringing someone to the world, a sign of your survival. Have a look at these women with C-section scars.



On Instagram Oliva White, Of the House of White blog had said by sharing a snap of her C-section that it might not be her best angle, but who wouldn’t take selfies hours post-birth so that you can see where they sliced her to get a whole person out. She had shared her photo after a few hours from her delivery so that moms-to-be know how it looks.



The mom who had shared this photo had said that for every woman unhappy with her scars, is another who wishes she had them. She had shared a picture of her C-section after two weeks it was done.



The scars do change with time. This mom had shared a photo of how her C-section was after four days it was done and how it looks after seven weeks were gone. You can see through this that the scars change over time.


The Honest Body Project

It’s not the same way the C-section incisions are closed or healed. Through this photo taken by Natalie McCain, a photographer we can see that clearly.


A. Malbin

Somes scars even fade away. Not every scar remains forever. This mom’s C-section scar had faded away almost after five years and it is barely seen.


The Honest Body Project

This photo by Natalie McCain reminds us that C-sections are not failures. Do not take it as a sign that your body failed, it just a way of giving birth. Celebrate it as others who do not have a C-section on their body.



Remember that not all C-sections are the same. There are moms whose C-section is done vertically other than doing it horizontally.


Benzel Photography

A moment of a mom and her baby bonding together after a C-section captured by Melissa Benzel. And her incision is barely visible to the camera.



Here’s how the vertical C-section of a mom who is a fitness trainer looks after 6 months gone.



The scars from C-sections become beautiful when you remember that it’s what made your baby come to your arms. Here’s a mom who shows her c-section along with her baby.



Stephanie Jones, a photographer shows her scar after two and half months that would remind her of the babies that were once in her belly.


Provided Anonymously

The mom shows her body and the scar after 4 months gone from her delivery. The scar is slightly visible and it’s fading.



A mom after two months from her delivery says that she doesn’t see her scar as a scar but sees it as an X marked on the place where her treasure, her son was hidden.



A photo of a mom and her baby after 4 months from the delivery, both of them seem perfectly fine and healthy.


Provided Anonymously

This mom had said to CafeMom that her child celebrated his first birthday and so did the scar that marks his arrival.

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