With over one hundred thousand deaths and over a million confirmed cases for COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. But, individuals in certain areas of each and every country are witnessed breaking the rules and not complying with the lockdown properly. Some still continue hanging on the streets while others are breaking the rules in the rural areas. Knowing how deadly this virus can be medical officers and forces are putting their lives on the line working day and night for the sake of our well-being.

Video footage was posted on Facebook by a woman named Louise Ann an NHS nurse of herself confronting a group of ‘absolute idiots’ defying social distancing measures during a lockdown by lounging by a grassy footpath behind her home in Basingstoke, Hampshire soaking up the sunshine and casually boozing with their bikes laid on the grass near them.

In the video, she can be heard telling the group of six young men that she works for NHS and has to work overtime as her husband does not get paid and she has two kids of her own to take care of. But she carries on scolding them, saying “I have to go to work every day fearing I’m going to bring it home to my family because of people like you.” She continues to record unfazed even after a member of the group tells her to stop recording and she continues the last person of the group rode away.

We all know to stay at home for a long period of time can be tough, disappointing, and desolate for certain individuals or surely even you and your family relatives may feel low. It tends to be decisively testing particularly when you do not have a lot of room but try considering various things you could and can do during this time at home.

Most people find it helpful to remind themselves why what they are doing is so significant which means we protect the health services and save lives. Stay at home because it will help control the spread of the infection to family and friends, the broader community, and notably the foremost vulnerable.

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