Simon Brown is a needle felt artist based in the United Kingdom. He uses needle felting to create incredibly realistic wild animals. Going by the name “The Gentleman Felter”, he combines used household instruments like old thimbles, brushes, pieces of wood with hand-sculpted felt animals, creating one-of-a-kind scenes.

These pleasing miniature scenes suggest the beauty of wildlife where a stiff, short-haired brush stands as a branch for a resting owl, a thick hair brush becomes a pasture for two playful rabbits, and a small cleaning brush becomes the ground for a lovable pup.

The artist lives in a small village in the Northumbrian coast. Regarding his work, Simon explains that he is fascinated by the fact that heavily used, old and isolated brushes can be beautified and brought back to life with small woolen creatures, carefully woven into life with a needle. He also added that this unusual combination can create fanciful pieces full of life, curiosity and adventure.

Over 10,000 of his Instagram followers seem to agree that his work is absolutely cute and stunning.

Credit: thegentlemanfelter

Check out some of his best work below.










image credit- thegentlemanfelter
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