Casinos as we all know are indoor facilities that hold gambling. They are usually part of hotels and restaurants. While gambling is popular among many with around 26% of the world population, only the ones above 21 are legally allowed to participate. The most popular casinos are centered in Las Vegas, America and Macau, China.

While not everyone has the time or the ability to travel to say Las Vegas or Macau to be part of the gambling in these most popular places, they do not have to exclude themselves from gambling since there are plenty of websites where you can gamble online.

While (physical) casinos attract such a huge number of gamblers, online casinos like BoomtownBingo are attracting a remarkable number of gamblers too. To be exact, the online gambing industry alone is expected to be of a value as high as 94 billion USD in 2024. In the UK, 17% of the population participates in online gambling, bringing in a revenue of 5.3 billion Euro. In the US, the 2018 revenue was 306.5 billion USD.

online casino facts

Some advantages of using online casinos over the traditional brick and mortar ones include less cost in terms of travelling and accommodation, the large selection of tons of games at the same place (online) from the comfort of your home, cheaper game and machine cost ranging between $.01 to $1 while some are available for free, higher payback percentages, ability to play on mobile devices, all-time availability etc. Most of all, you don’t have to deal with people. Isn’t that a big relief?

While online casinos are also known as virtual or internet casinos, the software used to carry out the casino determines two main categories: web-based and download-based. Download-based online casinos require you to download the software client through which you can connect to the casino service provider. While this method is faster, the reason for less-popularity of this is the possibility of the existence of malware. In contrast to the above method is the web-based which does not require any downloading. These casinos depend on browser plugins and a stable network connection.

online casino facts

Just as brick and mortar has to be under the law, the same applies to online gambling too. While different countries have their own legalities regarding online gambling, the fast pace at which technology develops often become successful in creating loopholes in the law. While an obvious purpose of enabling online gambling is universal access, some countries do not legally allow foreign online casinos to be operated in their countries. Finland, Belgium, Canada and Finland are examples for such countries. In the US, the law varies depending on the state.

online casino facts

While the 2020 online casino market size value is 59.6 billion USD, there exists a large number of online casinos. The highest ranking ones include Red Dog Casino, Slots Empire, Intertops Casino, Lincoln Casino, 22bet, Happy Luke among a lot more. These are some popular sites where you can win real money NZ and won’t disappoint you for your time and money.

As stats show, the online casino industry only continues to grow and someday there’s the possibility that it might bring in as much revenue as physical ones.

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