The baby Orca had been seen in the Moray Firth, near Duncansby Head, Caithness along with some other orca whales bigger than him.

Karen Munro who is 44 years and  a wildlife enthusiast loves seeing these animals. She had said that she saw the whales about 10-20m away from where she was.More info & Photo courtesy: Karen Munro via SWNS


She had said that she’s in a group on Facebook where there are Orca interested people like her. And from there she had heard about a pod in Duncans Bay and gone to see them. She had tried to see them at three points, from the first to points she hadn’t seen clearly as the distance was high.


But from the third point she had seen them about 10-20m away from her, and she was astonished to see them that nearly. It was then that she had seen this orange tinted Orca calf in that pod. She had said that maybe the calf was a few months old.


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