A small help, even an unintentional one can save the lives of people whom we never have even met. An 18-year-old girl from northeast England who studies at East Durham College had saved lives by attaching uplifts on Wearmouth Bridge in Sunderland.

This girl Paige Hunter had decided to help people who face mental health conditions, she had attached around 200 notes with encouraging quotes in them on the Bridge. She also had tried to take her own life on the same bridge, after her recovery from battling with mental health she had taken this decision to help other people.

As she knows what goes in the mind at such a time she had written notes using encouraging and friendly words. There had been a note saying ‘ You’re not alone’ and it had even included the number of a local support center. Another had quoted as ‘ Even though times are difficult, your life matters; you are a shining light in the dark world, so just hold on’.  Her act of helping people had worked, as the police had reported her quotes had saved six people’s lives.


 Even though she had not wanted to be recognized for her great act, the police had decided to award her a commendation certificate for her act. Sarah Pitt, Northumbria Police Cheif Superintendent had said that for someone young, Paige had shown a real maturity and they had decided that it’s right to thank her personally. And that Paige should be proud of herself.

Paige had said that the response received was amazing. And that it was something she wanted to do and that she didn’t do this for an award. This act was done back in 2018, but recently it has come around on the internet. So it proves that her act still helps people out there.

#2. Paige Hunter helps people by attaching uplifts on the same bridge once she tried to take her life.

#3. To know more about Paige have a look at this video.

Paige Hunter: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
h/t: [Reddit]

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