While many of us find penguins cute, we would never even think of keeping them as pets. But this particular Japenese Family didn’t shy away from taking in a king penguin and raising it as their pet. It was so rare and peculiar back then that journalists fought to take a glimpse of this adorable pet. Real TV managed to interview the family for a documentary and take a few videos of Lala who at that time lived in a small Japanese village.

Meet Lala the famous King Penguin living with a Japenese family.

The documentary was made in 1996 when Lala was around 10 years old. Back in the day, Lala the King penguin spent his days living in an air-conditioned room and roamed around the streets of his town.

After the Japanese family took him to Fish the market for the first time and Lala kept going back. So the family made a decision to put a tiny backpack on him and taught Lala to get fish from the market on his own.

It was such a peculiar yet adorable sight for people to see a penguin with a small backpack going to the fish market.

You might be wondering how Lala was raised by this Japanese Family. Well, Lala was found injured and caught in a net. The penguin was then taken in by this kind family and was nurtured back to health but by the time Lala was healed, it didn’t want to leave because it had gotten so attached to the family.

Sadly, Lala has passed away now but her cute memory still lives on with the people in her small village in Japan.

Watch this adorable video of Lala taken in the ’90s.

Check out what people had to say about Lala after watching this video!


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