Sculptures have become a unique art nowadays and they can often be found in many tourist destinations as they do not only increase the beauty of such places but also keep people entertained in many ways. Sometimes, you might have come across with various weird looking sculptures enacted in the most hilarious ways possible and the first that would come to your mind as soon as you note such a sculpture would be to pose with it. but are you someone who has mastered the art of sculpture posing?

Well, now perhaps you might think to pose with sculpture is a mere task of standing beside it, but if you take such a picture in the most usual way possible, then the picture will also be so ‘common’ and even you would not see anything important in it. But when you take the picture I such a way it even makes the sculpture perfect, that picture will be a masterpiece and here we have some such pictures taken by those who have mastered the art.

These people have added more beauty to the sculpture by posing in such weird ways and we hope you will enjoy these and even send us such pictures taken by you. So, let’s see which would be the best pose ever!

Kiss him like this!

Is this a sculpture or someone real?

True laughs have no boundaries!

Is she that tasty dude?

This is how I drag my boy to school when he tries to stay at home.

Hammer this worm!

What you did was not the funny dude!

Is this a green color human?

You have to shave regularly when you are a public figure.

Oh My God! What is the thing that he is holding?

That historical moment you take a selfie with him!

21st-century tricks of

I am wondering how this guy gets into there!

See this is how we post things on Facebook.

Please don’t kill him, guys!

Aww! How sweet is this kiss!

Please darling, I really didn’t chat with her.

Now, this is not that ‘nice’.

I don’t think they would appreciate this pose a lot!

Please let me have this little one!

What can he be told to her?

This is how many things work in the current world!

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