Those who are cry during movies, shows probably empathy. It actually takes a strong individual to be empathy. People that cry during movies typically get a lot of crap from their friends and heart breaks from their loved ones. In addition, those who cry during movies have the empathy towards other peoples struggle.

Many people such as psychotic and narcissists are born without empathy. They never put themselves into other people’s shoes and never care about their sadness. These people struggle to genuinely be there for others. And know that someone’s silent presence when they go through difficulties is an act of kindness.

Their hearts could break on behalf of others but they won’t stop caring about others. Although they have the ability to recover by the end of the movie suggests that they can bounce back from empathizing. This also means that they are able to make a difference between fiction and reality.

Furthermore, life can put many people through terrible ordeals at any time. Caring for others while you are going through struggle in your own life, it takes lot of strength and energy. Empathizing with such situations and the pain of other people reveals a lot about people’s personality. They are strong enough to feel the pain of others as well as to be strong for them .That’s one of the nicest thing about these kind of people.

That’s not all, they may also cry during movies because they might have experienced some similar circumstances to the character on screen. So, remembering those times may be painful to them.

Moreover, besides being strong, those who cry during movies are good people to be around: they are particularly thoughtful and conscious of the emotions and feelings of others. Plus, they are great team workers and team leaders. Also, they are highly valuable partners and friends.

It is difficult for these people to keep their emotions in check because of good books, movies, and so on. Overall you are lucky if you got a person like them by your side.