Have you ever felt like taking a photo of you when you are happy about yourself or if you are with your favorite group of people, enjoying that moment to the fullest, or when you see your pet is happy or giving a cute face? The answer would be “yes, why not?” We somehow try to capture such moments because we don’t want to forget that sweet moment in our life.

#1 Guess I’m In Cat Heaven Now

Guess I’m in cat heaven now from r/thisismylifenow

Cats love fish and milk. Those two are their favorites. As a cat, knowing that it’s having plenty of fish to eat is the best mood for a perfect photo.

#2 Standing On Both The Legs For The 1st Time After 2 Months

1st photo after standing on her legs
Image Source-pryasha/pikabu.ru

This girl couldn’t walk for 2 months. She was bed-rested because of a complex fracture of both ankles, operations, and some other rare diseases. Defeating all those challenges and standing on both the legs is unforgettable happiness.

#3 Finding Your Pet After 16 Days And Seeing Him Alive!!!

Joplin Tornado: Woman Finds Cat Alive in Home’s Debris after 16 Days from r/pics

This woman found her pet after 16 days whom she thought was lost forever and that moment of joy is priceless.

#4 Having A Pretty Face After Long Term Treatments

2015 vs 2017 My skin has been better for a while (shout out to the pill) but seeing this old photo compared to a new one (where I’m not even wearing make up) made me so happy I just had to share it somewhere!! from r/happy

This girl’s face was a disaster in the year 2015. But she didn’t give up. She went for a long term treatment and this is the output. Comparing these photos made her happy.

#5 “Seeing My Friends In Front Of The Hospital, Expecting Me, When I Was Leaving, Made Me Happy”

After getting out of psychiatric ward from suicide attempt I was surprised that all of my friends came to see me, was one of my best days.

#6 Knowing Your Husband Is Arriving Home From His Last Iraq Tour

For my first Reddit birthday, I present you with a pic of the happiest day of my life this year. My husband coming home from his last ever tour in Iraq! from r/pics

#7 That Happy Face Comes When You Get Something To Play With

Catty with a toilet paper roll
Image Source- cbjb/pikabu.ru

#8 The Happiest Day Of An Any Mom’s Life Is…

My identical twin boys born this morning. Happiest day of my life from r/pics

#9 The Happiest Day For A Boy Is When His Dream Girl Says “Yes”

SHE SAID YES!!!!! Happiest day of my LIFE, Reddit!!! from r/pics

#10 Happiness Is Living With Our Parents As Long As We Can

Finally reunited with my dad

#11 Finally Being Able To Take The 1st Step To Your Ambition

A girl with a viola
Image Source- meine/pikabu.ru

#12 Meeting Your College Friend After A Long Time…

Meeting 2 friends after a longer time
Image Source-waxsway/reddit.com

#13 Happiness Is When You Achieve Your Dream Goal After Dealing With All The Hardships

The mood when you achieved your dream goal
Image Source- oilpressure/reddit.com
After years of working as a taxi driver, parachute jump pilot, flight instructor/examiner, and business jet pilot, he finally achieved his long term goal and became an airline pilot on Airbus A320.

#14 Seeing Her Grand-mama Alive On Her Wedding Day Was Her Ultimate Happiness

At 92 years young, my granny was the most beautiful bridesmaid! I am so fortunate! from r/happy

#15 Winning Over Cancer 

My sweet girl is CANCER FREE today!!! from r/happy

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