Ever thought of what children from different parts of the world would be eating in a week? Photographer Gregg Segal excels at visualizing individual influence caused by the human on the world around us. Segal exemplifies the huge amount of garbage tossed by people in a week, in his 2014 series 7 Days of Garbage. In his latest book Daily Bread, he had shifted his focus onto what children around the world consume in a week’s diet.

He had traveled across 9 countries over three years from France, Germany, USA, Malaysia, India, Senegal, Brazil, Italy to the United Arab Emirates.

Let’s scroll down to have a look at some incredible snaps taken of food consumed by children on a weekly basis from different cultures around the world.

More info: greggsegal.com | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

#1 Kawakanih Yawalapiti, 9, Upper Xingu Region Of Mato Grosso, Brazil

#2 Anchal Sahani, 10, Chembur, Mumbai, India

#3 Davi Ribeiro De Jesus, 12, Brasilia, Brazil

#4 Ademilson Francisco Dos Santos (11) Vão De Almas, Goiás, Brazil

#5 Meissa Ndiaye, 11, Dakar, Senegal

#6 Hank Segal, 8, Altadena, Ca

#7 Beryl Oh Jynn, 8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#8 Sira Cissokho (11 Yrs Old) Dakar

#9 Rosalie Durand, 10, Nice, France

#10 Adveeta Venkatesh, 10 Years Old, Mumbai, India

#11 Leona “Nona” Del Grosso Sands, 6, Glendale, Ca

#12 June Grosser, 8, Hamburg, Germany

#13 Andrea Testa, 9, Catania, Italy

#14 Yusuf Abdullah Al Muhairi, 9, Mirdif, Dubai, Uae

#15 Tharkish Sri Ganesh (10) And Mierra Sri Varrsha (8), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#16 Siti Khaliesah Nataliea Muhamad Khairizal, 9, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#17 Greta Moeller,7, Hamburg, Germany

#18 Frank Fadel Agbomenou, 8, Dakar, Senegal

#19 Cooper Norman, 12 (10 At Time Of Shoot), Altadena, Ca, USA

#20 Isaiah Dedrick, Long Beach, Ca

#21 John Hintze, 7, Hamburg, Germany

#22 Paolo Mendolaro, 9, Belpaso, Sicily

#23 Alexandra (9, Left) And Jessica (8, Right) Lewis, Altadena, Ca, USA

#24 Henrico Valias Sant`anna De Souza Dantas, 10, Brasilia, Brazil

#25 Daria Joy Cullen, 6, Pasadena, California

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2 years ago

Amazingly artistic display ; fascinating and thought provoking insight. Thank you for doing this

Last edited 2 years ago by Julie
3 months ago

Not one of the kids in the US eats French Fries?! I find that hard to believe.