New Zealand is very beautiful country, sometimes it is more beautiful than you think it is. This photographer, Michael Shainblum, stepped up to show the world how beautiful is New Zealand.

Creating a time-lapse video with a collection of 50,000 still photographs, Michael has been able to create one of the best time-lapse videos ever made on the beauty of New Zealand. The world has been seeing some parts of New Zealand in all sorts of movies and videos, but most of them doesn’t think that it is New Zealand, since the landscape seems so different. But this photographer took it to another level by creating this video. Featuring some of the iconic places in the country including Queensland, Mount Cook, Moeraki boulder and the Milford sound, the time lapse video is a quality production that every one should watch. It will give you a fresh inspiration of how a country can be so diverse, especially for young travelers to add into their bucket lists.

He and the New Zealand landscape received a lot of comments and attention after this video started spreading like wildfire on the cyber space. So, he have collected some of the photos and the time-lapse video for you. Please scroll down to check out the video and the photos. Do not forget to leave your thoughts with us in the comments section below!More info & Photo courtesy: | Facebook | Instagram |

#1. Here is the Time-lapse video with all the amazing places of New Zealand.

#2. Mount Cook


#4.Moeraki Boulders


#6. Milford Sound









#15. Queenstown



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