We all have seen family pictures where both parents and kids look really decent. We frame such big pictures and hang them on our front walls to display that to everyone. But the truth is that both parents and children can hardly look that decent in real life and the real-life of many families are much chaotic.

No one knows this truth other than family photographers who are forced to endure kicking, crying, and sometimes hyper children. They are the ones who make everyone look perfect and finally make the best photograph ever.

Danielle Guenther is such a photographer who constantly deals with these situations and after a recent photoshoot with a family of little kids, she felt that she should try something different. She wanted to do a photoshoot in order to show the reality of family lives and the final result is just stunning. So, scroll down to see what it means to be a parent and you would die out of laughter for sure!

Image Credit: Danielle Guenther Photography

Keep your head in the game!

Danielle first posted some pictures on her Facebook and website and instantly she got loads of great feedback.  Everyone was ringing her to ask whether she can photograph their families too. So, here is a collection of photos that shows what it really means to be a parent. 100% pure pandemonium.

A day at the spa

Danielle is having a 5-year-old at her own home and therefore, she knows what it really means to be a parent. She says “parenthood is messy, but wow, the unflattering side can still be so beautiful”.

So, her goal with every photo is to “capture the moment because, in the end, all we have are the memories”.

Just another mouth to feed

Danielle is a self-taught photographer born and raised in Ohio. She has lived around the Big Apple for the last 11 years and she says that city life is rather addictive.

Escape plan

She has a fun-loving spirit and that is reflected in her photos too. Her photos are a lot interesting to look at because they are so funny and they reflect a kid’s world in the most accurate way.

Hold on a sec

Rush hour

These hectic moments are common in everyone’s lives. We all have faced these moments and Danielle has captured it in the right way.

Oh no!

“If I can evoke emotions in a photograph, I feel the memory will live on forever” – Danielle.

Parenting is exhausting

Check, please!

These natural moments expose much about everyone’s true characters and that is why all these photos are much special.

Playdates (in) sanity

Clean up on Aisle 5!

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