Since we humans first appeared on this planet, our civilization has also been evolving as we do. Starting out of stone and bronze ages, we now have cities and homes that our ancestors could never have imagined.

However, it is a well-known fact that there are still people who don’t want to mingle with the sudden environmental change and continue to preserve the lifestyle they used to live. This is one of those tribes among Mongolian people.

Through a series of stunning photographs, photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami has documented what he saw when he visited this lost tribe. This nomadic tribe has lived in this same region for centuries and the connection and understanding they have about nature is really remarkable.

Through all those years they have been living with these animals, Dukha people have developed a unique relationship with their reindeers. Reindeers have been very helpful to them over many generations as a transportation method over the treacherous terrain they both call home.

Reindeers Are Considered As Their Closest Animal Friend As Well As The Transportation Method.

Dukha People Teach Their Children The Art Of Taming And Training A Reindeer At An Early Age.

Reindeers Are Docile And Gentle Companions Which Are Quite Good With Even The Smallest Of Dukha Children.

This Young Girl Is Preparing A Baby Reindeer For A Bath.

The Dukha Is Also Known As The “Tsaatan,” Which Means “Reindeer Herder.” For Obvious Reasons.

Only About 44 Dukha Families Left These Days. Roughly 200-400 People. Their Population Is Diminishing As Well As The Population Of Their Reindeers.

They Are Mainly Surviving Off Of The Tourist Industry. Tourists Would Visit Them And Pay Money For Performances, Crafts, And Above All, Reindeer Rides.

They Are Pretty Good At Training Wolves Too, Not Only Reindeers.

They Hunt Small Woodland Animals Like Rabbits To Eat And Sometimes Sell For About Two US Dollars.

Dukha People Also Train Neighboring Golden Eagles To Aid In Their Hunting. Seems Like There Are No Animals That They Can’t Train.

Eagle Hunting Is Considered A Privilege In Their Tribe. Those Who Can Perform It Are Well Respected Among Them.

All Animals And Plants Are Spiritually Connected To Them According To Their Beliefs.

Despite The Growing Influence Of The Outside World, Their Connection With Nature Allows Them To Maintain Their Culture As They’ve Been Doing All These Time.

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