Ever wondered what your favorite animated Disney characters might look like if they jumped out of your television and into your everyday life? Many of us have dreamed of magical places when we were young and sometimes we still dream about them despite being the fact that we are adults, where we would have some wild adventures with a few cool friends whom we just met in a fantasy world. These friends would take us for who we are and of course, these wild adventures would be lots of fun without a care in the world. That’s exactly what Luigi Kemo Volo, a graphic designer, and illustrator from Bacoli, Naples in Italy wondered–so he set out to shoot pictures of himself in real life to infuse with images of everyone’s favorite Disney characters through digital photo manipulation tools and the results are both adorable and hilarious!

Other images from the enchanting series of images Volo created include one of him taking a walk by the water with Lilo and Stitch, Volo catching a smoke break with Hades, and Volo getting a healthy serving of noodles from Mushu.

However, Kemo’s had time by his side as his creative desires were difficult to fulfill due to his financial constraints. He started working as a full-time bartender and also had some odd part-time jobs as a photographer in different ceremonies or taking up advertising campaigns. He got into the art sphere in 2002 when he started doing some street art and later on also worked as a writer. 10 years later, he began his journey into the depths of photography and in 2014, became a freelance illustrator.

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