Around 70% of the lifetime of cats is spent on sleeping while the rest of their life is spent on being naughty. Yet, we never hesitate to forgive them for their mischievous work no matter in what mood we are. Here are some better examples for weird cat things!

#1 This Is How Our Cat Watches TV

Image source: tmklsh / reddit

#2 Who Says That A Go Cart Is Meant Only For Human Babies? They Can Be Funny Cat Beds Too!

Image source: Homonomore / reddit

#3 Do I Look Beautiful With This Hat On My Head?

Image source: samgam74 / reddit

#4 My Kitty Cat Poses For Her Birthday Portrait.

Image source: myghostfellout / reddit

#5 Hey Kid, This Is My Bed!

Image source: justrainthoughts / reddit

#6 This Man Complained That He Couldn’t Breathe While Sleeping. Can You Guess Why It Is?

Image source: Climatechange17 / reddit

#7 I Am A Plant!

Image source: InkyPaws / reddit

#8 This Is Dolores After A Long Trip Alone.

Image source: Gengar_pl / reddit

#9 Can’t Separate My Cats From The Halloween Decor I Bought.

Image source: Tacobella593 / reddit

#10 My Cat Girl Often Visits Our Neighborhood. It Seems As If She Has Got A Big Snack Today!

Image source: Knoxpat / reddit

#11 Finding Her Favorites Inside.

Image source: sewgrrly / reddit

#12 They Wanted An Artistic Touch To The Chocolate Caramel.

Image source: vieve3 / reddit

#13 Make Your Cat Meow And Meow Back At It.

Image source: oddi2786 / reddit

#14 This Cat Who Wanted To Fly In Her Owner’s Luggage Was Finally Caught By An Airport Officer.

Image source: Nick Coole / Facebook

#15 The Maintenance Officers Visited My Place, And He Left This On Our Door.

Image source: quiet_ellie / Twitter
Image source: quiet_ellie / Twitter

Hello, is there anyone here with naughty cats around? Why not share some interesting pics of them with us? Please do share the article and don’t miss to leave your ideas about this collection. Happy trails until we meet again!

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