Flamingos, stand on one leg with the other tucked under their body. The Chilean flamingo is the 1st flamingo hatched in a European zoo, Zoo Basel in Switzerland,1958. About 389 were grown in Basel since then and been distributed all around the world. It is said that the greater flamingo is the tallest among the 6 flamingo species. In January 2014 in Adelaide Zoo the 83-year-old greater flamingo which is believed to be the oldest had died.

The baby flamingos hatch out are normally greyish -red but the big or adult ones are in a range of colors, light pink to bright orange. It is due to the food that they feed on. These birds are also considered very noisy birds. Also, these birds are very social as they live in colonies where there may be thousands of them.More info and Photo courtesy: San Diego Zoo


So an interesting clip was captured at the San Diego Zoo, a short clip of Flamingos feeding underwater. As for it, the pink heads of the birds appear from time to time and separately take out the edible stuff.

It’s said that they use their bills to suck mud and water to feed and then pump it out at the sides. They use lamellae to trap the small creatures they feed on. As they feed on blue-green algae and also insects it makes them omnivores.

Due to a pigment present in the food they eat, the American Flamingos are bright red, and the ones who eat animals that have digested blue-green algae are dark in color.

#2. Check this awesome video out!

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