Pinky who had come to talk for the first time around 12 years ago is a dolphin whose color is pink and now she has again been seen with a new member, a calf which is also pink in color. Pinky was first seen by Erik Rue, a caption who has seen her a few times more after that.

It’s said that she’s also a dolphin whose color is due to rare genetic mutations that belong to the Pink river. With the decreasing population of animals the river dolphins were listed as endangered by the IUCN.More info & Media courtesy: Youtube

Recently a video had been shared in the Facebook page of Pinky,  in the Calcasieu Ship Channel 2 dolphins pink in color were swimming in front of a huge boat. It seems that now Pinky is not just Pinky, but a Mama Pinky.


It had given hope even to the conservationists that the baby has it’s mom’s genetic mutations and if so it would help greatly in increasing this rare kind of animal.

#2. Check this video out!

Their skin is flawless, smooth and they have a glossy pink color. These animals are fully pink in color and their eyes are red. Also it seems that they don’t get much affected by the environment and the sunlight.


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