Victoria’s Secret is known for its seductive lingerie and their gorgeous angels. While some of us love to stare at the beautiful angels all day, every day, some of us dream of becoming them. Victoria’s Secret delivers rock-steady shows and is eyed on for their breathtaking wings.

Below is a few images model Tabria Majors posted of her beside pictures of her favorite Victoria’s Secret images and lingerie pieces.

We could all agree that she looks beautiful wearing the VS lingerie and that she totally pulled it off. The pictures definitely convey a message that Victoria’s Secret lineup could use a little curve and girth against the ultimate stereotype set.

The model explicates the pictures with: “Just paying homage to a few of my favorite pics/outfits from VS here and showing that curvy girls can rock (and sell) lingerie just as well as straight-size models,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Let’s look at the pictures that have gone viral and are getting a lot of attention on social media.

More info: instagramtwitter (h/t)

This is Tabria Majors, a model who just proved that curvy women can be Victoria’s Secret angels too

The model has posed for other lingerie brands before

To prove that curvy girls can sell underwear just as well as any other model, she posed wearing her favorite VS pieces


“Maybe I’ll be a Victoria’s Secret Angel this year for Halloween, since it ain’t happening in real life”

Majors’ instagram shows that she’s very comfortable being in front of the camera in lingerie, and, indeed, she looks stunning

The comment section, of course, exploded with positivity!

Tell us your thoughts on it down below.

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4 years ago

I like my skinny models.

1 year ago

She is not curvy, she is fat. Doesn’t mean she isn’t sexy and beautiful, but still, fat.

Sally Huxtable
Sally Huxtable
1 year ago

To be total honest, the bigger model looks so much better, and because I am closer to her size I can see how it’s really going to look.

1 year ago

Do it again but without Photoshop