Fashion is one of the biggest concerning social factors in the modern world. A lot of people style themselves with various sorts of fashion elements. But more than the number of people who accessorize themselves with fashionable clothing and so on, there are more people who are disappointed in themselves for their bodies.

This mainly happens because of the mainstream norms of fashion. The fashion and other pop industries have always promoted ‘perfect’ bodies in their marketing campaigns. So, there has been an impact on people for a long time that a ‘perfect’ body is the only way to look good and be fashionable. Katie Sturino has been promoting body positivity for a long time on social media and also has been promoting the  #SupersizeTheLook hashtag to spread awareness in society with her Megababe brand which has been doing a tremendous job in the past years.

But since the modern world is so affected by celebrities, entertainers, and other influential characters, Sturino did a photoshoot that will help a lot of people who idolize celebrities. Sturino dressed up in outfits that certain celebrities have worn and rocked it on her plus-size body. This sent a message to everybody that they do not have to look skinny to be fashionable. The same outfits were worn and rocked by her in a very fashionable manner.

This created discussions and she received a lot of positive feedback from people all over the world since Sturino’s work have helped a lot of women all over the world. Her pictures have been shared by a lot of people and her brand is doing well in the light of these events as well.

If you want to check out more you can click on the links. Meanwhile, we have collected some of Sturino’s pictures where she has recreated celebrity photos in the same outfits. Scroll down to check them out and rank your favorite look to the top by upvoting on the photo. We would love to receive your thoughts about this article in the comments sections as well.

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