Recently, NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration) released a video regarding the alteration of the polar ice caps in the Arctic sea from 1984 to 2016. This video clearly shows how the Arctic sea ice has changed over the past 30 years.

According to this video, the melting rate of polar ice is greater than the cooling rate of water to form ice. The presence of a massive amount of older, toughly rooted ice is very much essential to stop newly formed ice from melting down quickly. But what if these old and strong ice started to melt too?

Anyway, the old ice as well as the newly formed ice variate throughout the entire year, although up until 1984 it was balanced. That means the amount of ice melted down within a year is equal to the amount of ice formed within the same year. But since 1984, the 1:1 ratio is being changed and it’s not good at all.

Image Source: Britannica

So, now scientists are planning to reduce the quantity of ice dissolving. The ice caps are important because they reflect the solar rays away from the Earth without letting them hit the planet. But, with the lesser formation of ice, solar rays can hit the surface of the Earth. This results in the temperature rise in the groundwater which in turn accelerates the melting down the process of ice caps. This whole action then creates global warming which creates more and more issues.

Planned Expedition
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This is the 1st research ship that is planning to go to the Arctic region for a whole year. Most of the experts are having big hopes regarding this massive project while some researches think that the summer ice will last for another 30 years.

Global warming and climate change are not at all new to us. Even small kids know what’s global warming and climate change are. But, we don’t give these issues the attention they deserve although they’ve been taking place over a long period of time.

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